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  OX3OX-Ole, him self!
OX3OX-Ole at he radio shack. Ole is using FT1000MP and 2 elm homemade Quad for 10,15,20m for other band Ole is using 2xV 40meter wire phase together. 
 OX3OX-Ole home is also business address for POLARIS snowmobiles. ox3oxant2.JPG (9824 byte)
  OX3OX home and quad antenna.
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2 elm Quad Antenna.
OX3OX antenna farm, 2elm quad and some wire antennas.
In front you can see only firestation within 500 miles and OX3OX 2elm quad ox3oxant.JPG (10103 byte)
Front Firestation and 2 elm quad
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Wife Lis is  a very good Chef. Trust me I have eat here many times.


I tell you around this table I have been many times and enjoy the food from Ole's wife Lis, she is a excellent chef, and always happy, Ole is a lucky chap!!